Koal is an international, 3rd generation graphic designer with over 25 years of professional experience. Koal was raised in American print and sign shops, and has had a myriad of experiences in both physical and digital design. There are very few designers with the skills and know-how that Koal has, and it shows in the speed and quality in which he produces his work. Koal’s number one goal is to give his clients reliable designs that not only perfectly suit their purpose, but instill a sense of pride in both him and his clients.

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Sasha Crighton

“Our office moved into a new building where we needed to breathe new life into the space for rebranding. Hifidel came in, assessed our needs, and delivered perfection.”

Team Time

“The right interior design makes all the difference in the world. We contracted Hifidel to transform our space into something unique and appealing and our ROI has quadrupled.”

Nancy Williams

“We came to Hifidel with no idea of what we needed to make our retail space workable, yet attractive to our customers. Although we have tons of traffic, the interior design is upscale and caters to our customers. We didn’t think it would be possible to have beautiful interiors and a busy establishment. Thanks Hifidel!”