Born into his craft

After 3 generations of family in the art and design industry (and being brought up in small shops -as opposed to daycare), Koal has had a life long passion and connection to the visual media industry. At 12 years old, Koal sold his first logo, thus beginning his professional experience and commitment to what would be a long and enduring career. Koal has worked with clients all over the globe on various campaigns and projects that have helped evolve and hone Koals unique and specialized abilities – continuing the path created by his Grandfather, Mother and Father.


Dedicated to quality

Its been over 25 years since Koal sold his first logo, and it will easily be another 25 years before he makes his last. Koal holds a unique position in the media industry, as he has a very thorough experience and knowledge base ranging across virtually every aspect visual and audio design, manufacturing and production. This gives Koal the ability to foresee potential issues or road blocks, and correct course before the issues become problematic.


Fucking Words.